Solid Surfaces Applications:

Perago is an impeccably flawless synthetic acrylic solid surface, making it of the utmost versatility. It can be moulded into any design and shape your imagination dreams of, allowing you the benefit of being able to create a space that is uniquely you. It’s versatility extends to being able to suit almost any space, from kitchens to hotel bars, and our fantastic colour range gives you further creative freedom with our effortlessly seamless product.

perago illuminated acrylic reception desk


Seamless, Clean Designs: Perago is an impeccably flawless synthetic acrylic solid surface. No matter what shape is required; the smooth surfaces create an effortlessly seamless design. These subtle features are what make Perago stand out amongst its competitors.

Shops & Exhibitions

Perago, Reproducing Your Imagination: Perago Solid Surfaces is an 100% acrylic solid surface that can be bent, curved and sculptured to various shapes. A designer’s imagination can come to life with these interior finishes. Perago strives to bring trendy and fantastic spaces to the fashion and retail world.


Smart and Durable Materials: Perago Solid Surfaces is an extremely durable but is also easy to repair scratches or nicks. Use Perago to prolong the life-span of your facilities and build the atmosphere of your restaurants.


Perago’s High – Quality Kitchens: The kitchen is the most important space in a home where the whole family comes together to share their happiness and dreams. It is where you hold special memories of your past, present and future. Make this a special space with Perago solid surfac


Non-porous Highly Hygienic Material: Unlike natural stone surfaces, Perago is non-porous and impervious to moisture, making them highly resistant to bacterial growth. Most dirt and mess can be easily removed with soap and water.

Public Buildings

Refind Interiors Styled With a Solid Surface: Many offices and public facilities these days are focused on creating efficient ways to do business and improving the environment by reducing stress in the work place. We’re here to help you accomplish this through our superior processing power and providing interior design material that improves the quality of life of workers.


Perago, a gift of a healthy environment where we can foster our children’s dreams: Perago solid surface can be easily used to develop a variety of classrooms. From pre-primary to university, we strive to produce clean and hygienic spaces where the future dreams of our students can be realized.

Health Care

Eco-friendly Certification: Hospitals with hazardous building materials can be fatal to a patient with weakened immune systems. Perago Solid Surfaces is certified eco-SCS and can be used with the confidence in knowing that your patients are safe with us around.